Engagingspaces is the sole proprietorship of Arnold Schrijver that was founded in The Netherlands in 2022. When the activities and focus areas listed on the landing page appeal to you, then by all means do not hesitate and reach out to find out how engagingspaces can be of service to you.

About the founder

Arnold Schrijver started his career in IT in 1997 and has since worked in many different roles and positions, both technical and managerial. In 2016 he made a career shift. Initially to bootstrap a startup where “Engagingspaces for Atlassian” was the product, and this website’s domain first registered. But not finding a good product/market fit in an overly competitive market, and with an increasing discomfort about increasing negative impacts of technology on society Arnold decided to radically shift course.

Since then he has become a passionate advocate and promoter of Free Software, Humane Technology and The Decentralized Web. He founded the Humane Tech Community and is active all across the Web, involved with many different communities, encouraging collaboration and forging new bonds all the time.

Since 2019 the Fediverse Futures has his special attention. Active in the SocialHub community he helps to evolve open standards and the technology landscape at large. By rallying people to the slogans “Social Networking Reimagined” and “Fediverse: Peopleverse!” Arnold helps to unleash its full potential, and the ‘unique selling points’ that set the Fediverse apart from traditional social media.

In 2022, with an EU grant provided by Next Generation Internet to engagingspaces, Arnold started the R&D project Groundwork to investigate a more modular, domain-driven design approach to interoperable application development.

Engagingspaces supporters

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